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Air Filter and Oil Filter Filters for Club Car or Filters for EZ GO or Filters for Yamaha
Alarms and Remote Security
Alarm or Security
Ashtrays Ashtray or Cigarette or Cigar
Bag Attachments Attachment or Bag Rack
Beverage Trays Beverage or Beverage Tray or Club Car Beverage Tray, EZGO Beverage Tray, Yamaha Beverage Tray
Brake Light Kits Brake or Light
Breezeeasy Blower Breezeeasy or Blower
Brush Guards (Front) Brush Guard
Brush Guards (Jake's Front) Brush Guard
Brush Guards (Jake's Upper) Brush Guard
Bulbs for Turn Signal, Stop, Headlight Bulb or Beam
Bumpers (Jake's small front) Jake's or Bumper or Front Bumper
Bumpers, (Jake's small rear) Jake's or Bumper or Rear Bumper
Cargo Box Mounting Kits Cargo or Cargo Box or Cargo Kit
Cargo Box Strut Solutions Cargo or Cargo Box or Strut
Cargo Boxes, Plastic Cargo or Cargo Box
Cargo Boxes, Polyethylene Cargo or Cargo Box
Cargo Boxes, Universal Cargo or Cargo Box
Cargo Caddy Cargo or Cargo Caddy
Cell Phone Holder Cell or Cell Phone
Center Caps Center Cap or Center
Clean Shot (Cleaning Solution) Clean Shot
Cleaning Solution Cleaning or Solution
Clock, Compass, Thermometer Enter Item Number '28270'
Club Covers Club Cover or Cover or Club Protector
Club Protectors, Sunbrella Club Protector or Sunbrella
Clutch, High Performance Parts Power Clutch Kit or Clutch Component or Clutch Power
Consoles, Overhead Overhead Console
Conversion Kits, Honda Conversion Kit or Conversion or Honda
Coolers Cooler

(Section 2)

Cover Caps, Thunderbull Cover Cap or Thunderbull
Dash or Dash Assembly or Club Car Dashes or E-Z-GO Dashes or Yamaha Dashes also Dashes with Radio Insert or see more dashes under radios below
Dash Organizers Dash or Dash Organizer
DC Converters/Reducers DC or DC Converter
Decals Decal
Diamond Plate Diamond Plate or Club Car Diamond Plate or E-Z-GO Diamond Plate or Yamaha Diamond Plate
Dimmer Switch Dimmer or Dimmer Switch or Switch
Disc Brakes, Jake's Disc Brake or Disc
Dome Light Dome Light or Dome
Dress Up Kits-Dash Dash or Steering Wheel or Tray or Glove Box or Console
Dress Up Kits-Seats Rail or Tray or Storage Trunk or Basket
Dress Up, Hunting/Camo Camo or Camo Seat or Camo Enclosure or Camo Skinz
Dress Up, Huning Camo-Other Camo Basket or Camo Gun Carrier or Camo Wheel
Dual Wraps Dual Wrap
Drink Tote Enter Item Number '28166'
Dump Bed Switch Dump or Dump Bed
Enclosures, 3-Sided Fitted 3-Sided Enclosure
Enclosures, 3-Sided Utility 3-Sided Enclosure Utility
Enclosures, 4-Passenger Fitted 4-Passenger Enclosure
Enclosures, 4-Sided Deluxe Enter Item Number '28903'
Enclosures, 4-Sided Standard
Enclosures, 4-Sided, 4-Passenger Enter Item Number '10779'
Enclosures, 4-Sided, 6-Passenger Enter Item Number '30881'
Enclosures, Driving Range Mesh Enter Item Number '14062'
Enclosures, Economy Economy Enclosure
Enclosures, Over The Top-Sunbrella Over-The-Top Sunbrella Enclosure
Enclosures, Sunbrella Sunbrella Enclosure
Enclosures, Universal Universal Enclosure
Enclosures, UTV Yamaha Rhino or Kawasaki

(Section 3)

Ex-Ray Speedometer Ex-Ray or Speedometer
Extension Brackets Extension Bracket
Comfort Fans Oscillating Fan
Fender Flares Club Car Fender Flare or E-Z-GO Fender Flare or Yamaha Fender Flare
Fender Trim Fender Trim
Fleece Seat Covers Fleece Seat Cover
Floor Mats Club Car Floor Mat or E-Z-GO Floor Mat or Yamaha Floor Mat
Floor Mats, Diamond Plate
Floor Mats, Rubber Tire Rubber Tire Floor Mat
Front Cowls
Front Support Bracket for Long Tops Long Top Kit or Long Top Bracket
Fuse Holders and Fuses Fuses or Fuse Holder
G-Care Stain Cleaner G-Care Stain and Spot Cleaner
Glove Boxes, Locking Club Car Locking Glove Box or E-Z-GO Locking Glove Box or Yamaha Locking Glove Box
Graphics, Custom Custom Graphics or Squeegee Applicator
Grille Covers Club Car Grille Cover or E-Z-GO Grille Cover or Yamaha Grille Cover
Gun Racks Gun Rack
Headlight Kits, Universal Club Car Headlight Kit or E-Z-GO Headlight Kit or Yamaha Headlight Kit
Headlight Tool (Cutter) Enter Item Number '28553'
Headlights Headlight
Heaters Electric Heater or Propane Heater
High Performance Air Filters High Torque Air Filter
High Performance Exhaust High Performance Exhaust or Club Car Exhaust or E-Z-GO Exhaust or Yamaha Exhaust
High Performance Manifolds High Performance Manifold or Zemco Header Kit
High Performance (Gas) Parts Club Car Power Kit or E-Z-GO Power Kit or Yamaha Power-Kit
High Speed Controller Chip
High Speed Electric Amp Controller Club Car Speed Controller or E-Z-GO Speed Controller or Yamaha Speed Controller
High Speed Gears Club Car High Speed Gear or E-Z-GO High Speed Gear or Yamaha High Speed Gear


Honda Conversion Kits (Gas) Honda Conversion Kit
Horns and Horn Switches Horn or Horn Switch
Hour Meters Universal Hour Meter
Hub Caps Wheel Cover See more below under wheel cover by size
Hub Covers, Front & Rear Front Hub Cover or Rear Hub Cover
Imitation Sheepskin Covers Sheepskin Cover
Kick Panels Kick Panel
Lift Kits-Aftermarket Club Car Lift Kit or E-Z-GO Lift Kit or Yamaha Lift Kit
Lift Kits, Jake's Axle Club Car Jake's Axle Lift Kit or E-Z-GO Jake's Axle Lift Kit or Yamaha Jake's Axle Lift Kit
Lift Kits, Jake's Factory Authorized Jake's Factory Authorized
Lift Kits, Jake's Long Travel Jake's Club Car Long Travel Lift Kit or Jake's E-Z-GO Long Travel Lift Kit or Jake's Yamaha Long Travel Lift Kit
Lift Kits, Jake's Spindle Jake's Club Car Spindle Lift Kit or Jake's E-Z-GO Club Car Spindle Kit or Jake's Yamaha Spindle Lift Kit
Light Kits, Light Bars, Lights Light Kit or Light Bar or Club Car Light Kit or E-Z-GO Light Kit or Yamaha Light Kit
Light Switch Light Switch
Lighted Valve Stems Lighted Valve Stems
Lug Bolts Club Car lug bolt or E-Z-GO lug bolt or Yamaha lug bolt
Lug Nuts Club Car lug nut or E-Z-GO lug nut or Yamaha lug nut
Lug Spacer, Steel Steel Lug Spacer
Message Holders Message Holder
Mini LED Lights Mini LED Light or LED Light
Mirrors Mirror
Organizer, Padded Padded Organizer
Storage Trays, Overhead Overhead Storage Tray
Traction Control Systems Traction Control System
Name Plate Name Plate
Nerf Bars, After Market Club Car Nerf Bar or E-Z-GO Nerf Bar or Yamaha Nerf Bar
Nerf Bars, Jake's


Offset Spacers for Wheels Aluminum Spacer
Organizers Buggy Bag
Overhead Consoles Overhead Console
Overhead Storage Trays Overhead Storage Tray
Pinstripe Pinstripe
Radios, Complete Overhead Universal Radio
Radios, JBL JBL Radio
Radios, Jensen Jensen Radio
Rake Holder Rake Holder
Rakes Rake
Rear Top Ext. Brackets 80" or 88" 80 Inch Top Bracket or 88 Inch Top Bracket
Rear Top Supports & Ext. Brackets Rear Top Support (Front Extension Brackets may be needed)
Roll Cage Top & Organizer Roll Cage or Camo Organizer
Safari & Outlaw Bars, Jake's Safari Bar or Outlaw Bar
Sand and Seed Bottles Sand Bottle or Seed Bottle
Sand and Seed Bucket Sand Bucket
Sand Scoops Sand Scoop
Sealed Beams Sealed Beam
Seat Storage Tray-Underseat Seat Storage
Seat Dual Cup Holder for Rear Seat Rear Seat Cup Holder
Seat Handrails Handrail
Seat Covers, Sunbrella Sunbrella Seat Cover
Seat Kits, Flip-Flop
Seat Kits, Flip-Flop Aluminum Club Car Aluminum Flip Flop Seat or E-Z-GO Flip Flop Aluminum Seat or Yamaha Flip Flop Aluminum Seat
Seat Kits, Four Passenger 4-Passenger Seat Kit
Seat Kits, Four Passenger Aluminum 4-Passenger Seat Kit Aluminum
Seat Pod for Stretch Vehicles Seat Pod for Stretch Vehicles
Premium Two Tone Seat
Seat Rail


Security Wheel Locks The Club or Wheel Lock or Lock-a-Cart
Skid Plate, Jake's Jake's Skid Plate
Spindle Extension Spindle Extension
State of Charge Meters State of Charge Meter
Steering Adapters, "Ididit" Chrome Column or Chrome Steering or Chromed Billet
Steering Column Sleeves Steering Column Sleeve or Steering Column Cover
Steering Column, Aluminum Aluminum Steering Column
Steering Column, "Ididit" Chrome Steering
Steering Column, Stainless Steel Stainless Steering Column
Steering Wheel Kits Steering Wheel Kit
Steering Wheels Steering Wheel
Stop, Turn and Taillights Turn Light or Taillight Kit or Taillight or Light Kit
Storage Covers, Universal Storage Cover
Storage Trunks Storage Trunk
Strobe Lights Strobe Light
Suntops Suntop
Surface Mount Lights Surface Mount Lights
Sweater Baskets Sweater Basket
Tire and Tube Repair Valve Stem or Tire Gauge or Tire Plug Kit
Tire Changers Tire Changer or Tire Bar
Tire Racks Tire Rack
Tires, 8" Off Road All Terrain or Semi Aggressive or Aggressive
Tires, 8 Street/Turf Tire18x8.50-8 or Tire 18.5x8.50-8 or 22x11.00-8
Tires, 10" Off Road All Terrain Tire or Aggressive Tire
Tires, 10" Street/Turf Low Profile or Street Tire or 205/50-10 or 22x11.00-10
Tires, 12" Street/Turf 205/30-12 or 215/40-12 or 215/35-12 or 255/50-12
Tires, 13" Off Road All Terrain Tire or Aggressive Tire
Tires, 13" Street/Turf 205/30-13
Tires, 14" Off Road All Terrain Tire or Aggressive Tire
Tires, 14" Street/Turf 205/30-14
Tires, Trailer Trailer King or Classic D.O.T.or Load Star or Grey Tire
Tires, Turf Soft Turf or Pro Tec or Turf Tec 11 or Greensaver


Top Supports and Adapter Top Support
Trailer Hitches and Accessories Trailer Hitch or Hitch Pin or Chrome Ball or Receiver
Trim Pieces Trim or Trim Piece
Turn Signals Turn Signal or Flasher or Signal Light or Bulb or Signal Bulb
Under Car Lighting Item # 28989
Under Seat Tray Seat Tray
Valve Stems Valve Stem
Wheel Covers 8" 8" Wheel Cover or 8 Inch Wheel Cover or Medussa or TEK Cart
Wheel Covers 10" 10 CVR or 10" Wheel Cover
Wheels, 8 Inch 8x7 Wheel
Wheels, 8 Inch Industrial Item # 1607
Wheels, 10 Inch (Standard & Custom) 10x7 Wheel
Wheels, 12 Inch 12x6 Wheel or 12x7 Wheel or 12x8 Wheel
Wheels, 13 Inch 13x7 Wheel
Wheels, 14 Inch 14x7 Wheel
Winches Winch
Windblockers Windblocker
Windshield Hardware Kits Hardware for Windshields or Windshield Clamp
Windshield Parts Windshield Bumpers or Cam Latch or Windshield Bumper
Windshield Seals Wind Seal or Windshield Channel or Windshield Extrusion
Windshields-Club Car One-Piece Club Car One-Piece Clear or Club Car One-Piece Tinted
Windshields-Club Car Fold-Down Club Car Fold-Down Clear or Club Car Fold-Down Tinted
Windshields-E-Z-GO One-Piece E-Z-GO One-Piece Clear or E-Z-GO One-Piece Tinted
Windshields-E-Z-GO Fold-Down E-Z-GO Fold-Down Clear or E-Z-GO Fold-Down Tinted
Windshields-Yamaha One-Piece Yamaha One-Piece Clear or Yamaha One-Piece Tinted
Windshields-Yamaha Fold-Down Yamaha Fold-Down Clear or Yamaha Fold-Down Tinted
Windshields-Columbia ParCar ParCar One-Piece Clear or ParCar One-Piece Tinted
Windshields-Columbia ParCar ParCar Fold-Down Clear or ParCar Fold-Down Tinted
Windshields-Sport Club Car Sport Windshield or E-Z-GO Sport Windshield or Yamaha Sport Windshield
Roll Up Vinyl Windshield Roll Up Windshield
Windshield UTV
Wiring Harness Light Kit or Wiring Harness or Light Harness