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The most comfortable, reliable golf car ever built and backed by the Yamaha Reputation

7s [1]
Increased fuel capacity - Running out of gas on the back nine is bad enough; its even worse when it happens to your car. So Yamaha increased the tank size of the gas model by 4.6% to 6.6 gallons!

8s [1]
Maintenance free cast aluminum accelerator pedal - Its made of die-cast aluminum with no plastic parts. It won't corrode, and it needs no grease. Its throttle position sensor is an industry exclusive solid state sensor that needs no adjustment - ever - since it has no moving parts! You can inspect it and its cable from above, so you don't have to jack it up to check it out. Its designed to accommodate all drivers - tall and short - with optimum foot position, and its textured surface helps keep the foot on the pedal.

9s [1]
Color matched wheel, seat and top - The wheel, the seat surface, and the ClimaGuard Top are all the same color, because we believe it's the little things that make a design a success. What's more, the wheel is color compatible with each of the three wheel cover options and with all body colors.

10s [1]
Low cost of ownership - By the book, The Drive offers the lowest maintenance costs in the industry: less then Club Car, less than E-Z-Go. We guarantee it

21s [1]
EnduraDrive transaxle w/ internal disc brake technology -
An industry first, inspired by the Yamaha ATV. A completely enclosed disc brake system that eliminates brake drums and shoes, needs only one brake cable, and is projected, based on extensive testing, to have an incredibly long life (100 years!!) with essentially no maintenance.

22s [1]
100% greaseless chassis - No other golf car can make this claim. Because Yamaha uses higher quality parts, like sealed bearings, automotive grade tie rods and steering components, our chassis is virtually maintenance free! How much time did you spend on grease jobs last year? Wipe that number off the slate. Greasing golf cars is over.

23s [1]
Largest sweater basket in the industry -

24s [1]
Lighter weight -
A lighter car, Yamaha engineers know, is easier to drive, accelerates faster, climbs hills more easily, and stops quickly. So Yamaha designed The Drive accordingly, trimming 4.2% of the weight from our electric car and 20% from the gas car. You can tell the difference when you drive The Drive. Slimmer is better!

26s [1]
Built-in transaxle impact protection - The cast-aluminum transaxle case is designed with integrated impact protection. You don't need a skid plate to fend off the hazards that come from underneath. Yamaha's hardened case can take care of itself!

25s [1]
Best front & rear bumpers in the industry -

27s [1]
Easy to remove, durable one piece floor mat -
The point was to make it easy to clean. So Yamaha made it one piece, covering the floorboard and footrest area, and its made from rubber to provide cushioned comfort for the occupants

28s [1]
Superior quality parts - Yamaha engineers decided early on that to end up with a truly great golf car, you have to begin with great parts. As luck would have it, we work for Yamaha! And Yamaha's parts are held to the industry's most exacting standards and most rigorous quality testing. Put enough superior parts together in exactly the right way, and voila, we have a superior golf car.

30s [1]
Maintenance free rack and pinion steering -
Based on a double ended helical rack-and-pinion design, this is a steering system once found only in high performance sports cars. We revised the steering ratio for a more nimble and responsive feel, put it in a stronger, die cast housing, and made it permanently greased with sealed bearings and no grease fittings on tie rod ends. Easy to drive, and even easier to maintain.

31s [1]
Easy grip steering wheel -
It's not just that it's thick, contoured, and textured for easy gripping. It's not even that we integrated four tee holders, a scorecard holder, and a pencil holder into the design. It's the way we carefully positioned the pencil holder to avoid scratched wrists and torn golf gloves. That's what we mean by attention to detail.

32s [1]
Easy removable floorboard access panel - When you need to get at the brake or accelerator pedals we make it easy for you. When the panel is in place, its integrated, high-quality pedal brushes keep debris and foreign objects and things like tees from falling through the cracks and gumming up the works.

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