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The most comfortable, reliable golf car ever built and backed by the Yamaha Reputation

49s [1]
Yamaha built 357F gasoline engine - the largest in the industry - We're the only golf car manufacturer building its own engines. And this one is a beauty: at 357 cc's, producing 11.4 horsepower, it's the industry's largest and most powerful, providing 27% more hill climbing power than Club Car. And yet it's quiet and refined, virtually vibration free, with low emissions.

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Large comfortable armrest - Exactly how important is an armrest? Depends on whether it's done right. Ours is strong, made of steel reinforced, glass-filled polypropylene. It's larger and wider than previous models, but it doesn't interfere with entry or exit. It's substantial enough to provide comfort and security for the occupants - and if that's not important, what is?

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Largest rear access panel - If you need to access the starter, generator, governor and transaxle on the gas powered car, or the motor control unit and vital electrical components on the electric car, you have the advantage of the largest access panel in the business. Open it up and make it happen!

52s [1]
25% fewer parts -
In three years of developing it, we figured out how to build our golf car with fewer parts. In the bargain, we also got more reliability, easier maintenance, less weight, fewer things to go wrong - all you could hope for in a golf car. Call it "the magic of concurrent engineering."

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Best in power and hill climbing capability - Take our 357 cc gas powered Yamaha engine. Couple it with our ATV-inspired Yamaha clutch. Together, they give you 27% more hill climbing capability than Club Car. With Yamaha you have the power!
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Integrated electrical component protection - Integrated water channels divert water away from the batteries and electrical connections. The battery box is designed to keep debris and dirt from entering the compartment from below. Key electrical components are high and to the rear for maximum moisture protection and minimum interaction with battery acid. And all components are sealed and have marine grade waterproof connectors. We're serious about protecting our electrical components. After all, without them, what do you have?

55s [1]
State of the art regenerative braking -
If the parking brake is not properly engaged, the car will slowly inch its way downhill while it sounds an audible alarm to notify you and let you catch it. It extends battery life and rounds per charge by converting the motor into a generator to recharge the battery while the car proceeds at a regulated speed down hills, slowly and safely. What could be better than a brake that thinks for itself?

56s [1]
IntelliPower system -
With its advanced Yamaha built motor control unit and battery charger, its regenerative braking system, and its Genius2 motor control programming and diagnostics, the IntelliPower System is simply the smartest drive system ever built. Running a powerful 48-volt motor with full circle communication between all components, this system does everything but watch where it's going. We had to leave some fun for the driver, didn't we?

57s [1]
Automotive style dash - The auto industry spent a hundred years getting this right, so we put their principles to work for you. We gave it four cup holders to hold different size cups; a center storage area for wallets, cell phones, and personal items; six ball holders; six tee holders; and a big, easy to clean storage compartment on each side.