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Fleet Tire and Wheel Pricing

The Greensaver Plus 18x 8.50-8 golf cart tire boasts a versatile design that allows it to be used on both grassy and paved surfaces. An OE replacement tire, the Greensaver fits a diverse range of golf carts and carting applications. Featuring a solid center rib design, it allows for even weight distribution and excellent traction without tearing up the turf.  Its wide tread also helps promote a longer tread life and an overall smoother ride.  

-OEM Replacement tire for size 18x8.50-8 

-Solid 4-Ply Construction

-815 Lbs. carrying power 

-Great on grass or pavement

-Center Rib for reliable traction

Volume Discount Pricing  (Free Freight-No Sales Tax)
50 Combo Pallet-$32.99/Tire & Wheel Combo (Total $1,649.50)
25 Combo 1/2 Pallet-$37.99/Tire & Wheel Combo ($949.75)

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