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Yamaha DRIVE2 Windshields Yamaha DRIVE2 Windshields Yamaha DRIVE2 Windshields Yamaha DRIVE2 Windshields
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Yamaha DRIVE2 Windshields


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Yamaha DRIVE2 Windshields


Product Description

Drive 2 windshields are made from polycarbonate. Benefits of polycarbonate include higher impact resistance, greater tensile and flexural strength. Polycarbonate has a higher chemical resistance and blocks more UV than acrylic. Drive 2 windshields feature a contoured bottom to hug the front of the vehicle and provide maximum protection from the elements. Mounted with floating rubber grommets which provide a secure fit. The fold-down windshield has a flexible rubber hinge that has a chemically-bonded weld for superior strength. Press-in rubber latches for the top grip and bottom grip clips for a secure, quiet fit, and effortless way to store in the folded position. Comes with all necessary stainless steel hardware. 3-year limited warranty.